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wdt_ID Country Name of organization Contacts (website, phone number, addresses, contact person) Description of the organization Field of activity Good practice examples (Links)
1 Ukraine ALTAL GROUP Address: Ukraine, м. Kyiv, str. Bulvarno-Kudriavska, 31А;
Phone number:
+38(093) 381-53-78;
+38 (067) 286-40-17;

Address: Ukraine, м. Cherkasy, Hromova str. 1381;
Phone number:
+38(0472) 71-16-69;
Address: Ukraine, м. Kharkiv, str. Poliova, 67;
Phone number:
+38 (057)737-20-65;
+38 (067)608-55-71;
The company was founded in 2004. From the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, heat pumps with a total capacity of more than 25 mW were produced, and the production capacity of the plant today is 3 mW per month. In addition to production, the company provides full technical support for customers, conducts training seminars. Energy services, energy efficient activities
2 Ukraine APRICUS SOLAR Address: Ukraine, м. Kyiv, Gen. Vatutin ave., 5, 1 floor;
Phone number:
+38(044) 227-83-03;
+38(067) 448-19-09

Address: Ukraine, м. Odesa, Kosmonavtiv str. 32, 108 office;
Phone number:
+38(048) 704-55-24;
+38(067) 484-49-94

Address: Ukraine, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ohienko str., 22
Phone number:
+38(067) 678-15-08;
+38(067) 381-66-03.
Apricus products are various types of solar collectors that are designed to produce heat for hot water supply, pool heating, heating system support, by converting solar radiation into thermal energy. RES
3 Ukraine BKM WOOD Address: Ukraine, м. Kyiv, Derevoiobrobna str., 6v; Phone number: +380(96) 615-69-76, +38(050) 859-16-18; Website: The VKM Wood GROUP holding includes a number of manufacturing enterprises located in western and central Ukraine. The company's products are exported to Italy, Belgium, Croatia, the UK, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries. The company produces beech wood fuel pellets in its own production, equipped with modern Italian equipment, which allows to maintain guaranteed high-quality products. RES
4 Ukraine DM-STELLA Address: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, Ivanova str., 81B Phone number: +38(066)555-00-43 Website: The company has been operating for more than 7 years in the market of heating equipment in Ukraine. Working on the principle of pyrolysis fuel combustion, pyrolysis boilers as the main fuel can use not only woodworking waste, firewood and pellets, but also almost any alternative type of fuel. Energy services
5 Ukraine ECO TECH UKRAINE Address: Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih, Henerala Radiievskoho str., 19 Website: The company specializes in solar energy and energy-efficient technologies. Quality assurance of all components from the manufacturer and after-sales service for the entire warranty period. The company also performs installation, commissioning and training on further operation. Energy efficient activities, RES
6 Ukraine ENTHEOS Address: Ukraine, Slavutich, Malozemelna str., 17/18;
Phone number:
+38(093) 60-20-096;
+38(096) 63-35-602;
+38(066) 02-68-197;
Manufacturer of geothermal heat pumps, heat accumulators, indirect heating boilers. The company also provides a full range of related works: installation of underfloor heating and walls, radiators, fan coils, phone number ties, installation of solar systems, water supply, sewage, electrical equipment. Energy efficient activities, energy efficient services, RES
7 Ukraine EFFI Address: Ukraine, Vysokyi settl., Voienna str., 1; Phone number: +38 (057) 750-76-63; Website: The profile of the company is the manufacture and installation of climate panels (energy-efficient systems for heating and cooling rooms). Energy efficient activities
8 Ukraine GREEN ENERGY Address: Ukraine, Chernomorsk, Tulchianivska str., 67 Phone number: +38(096) 391-31-93 +38(050) 262-31-97 +38(098) 787-53-53 Website: Turnkey solar power plants. RES
9 Ukraine ION Address: Ukraine, м. Kyiv, Khmelnytska str., 10, office 8; Phone number: +38 (098) 244 88 00, +38 (067) 508 53 70; Website: The company "ION" has fifteen years of experience in the development and production of electrode (ion) boilers. The company operates on the latest German equipment and each product is tested on a test bench in many ways. The new alloy of the electrode, which is produced thanks to the latest technology, allows it to be used for up to 30 years. Energy services
10 Ukraine KRAFT Address: Ukraine, м. Kyiv, Velyka Okruzhna str., 4B, Phone number.: +38 (066) 655-79-49 +38 (068) 022-74-77 E-mail: Website: The company produces solid fuel boilers. The peculiarity of the enterprise is in the international cooperation of German designers and Ukrainian industrialists. All design developments are made by German partners. They also carry out supervision and technical control of product quality. The production equipment of the plant consists only of modern equipment, mainly European brands. There are also machines from American manufacturers. Energy services, RES